What's happening THIS week.

This week started out with a *bang* yesterday doing the 70.3 in Galveston.  Now, if I'm keeping it real, I only trained about a month for the swim so I wasn't completely deserving of a great swim time.  I'm good with that.  You get out what you put in.

It was a really tough race for everyone, including the pros, who were rolling behind their normal performance (so they say).  The swim was the easiest of all the years I've done this race, and my my worst time.  In the end the swim took me 48 minutes.  I think my best time in Galveston was 43.

The swim was wetsuit optional and I chose to move to the wetsuit wave.  With 50+ relays, we weren't in contention for anything, so we kept it light and fun.  I was a bit uncomfortable until the first turn, but then found my pace.  I swam, what seemed, pretty darned straight.  So straight that I wished I wore my Garmin.  And I didn't wear my Garmin, well, because I didn't want to suck the fun out of it. and see bad data…

What I'm Doing This Week!

Working out!

I know.  Your eyes are not deceiving you.  It is true.  I'm sure this post is going to be random and all over the place..

Been swimming 3 times a week and returned to Crossfit.  Not that I'm a die-hard crossfitter -- I really just do it for the strength.  I would much rather do fewer movements, technically correct, than be forced by the clock.  My box also has a weightlifting team and I've been invited to workout with them, but I feel like such a beginner, a 'poser'.  I don't know... Coach T has invited me over the years -- I don't know why I just don't go.  She has always said, "I'm gonna make a lifter out of you yet!"  

I can handle most challenges and pain, but when it comes to my hands and rebuilding calluses, I can be a damn baby.  :)  In my opinion, this is the worst part of returning to working out. 

This morning was a 1 rep max x 7 on the back squat.  I didn't know the coach and she didn't  know me.  I had no…


Found this poem on a site for non-abusing parents of sexually abused children.  I have been searching for some support groups for my Mom. 

My Mom is really, really, struggling.  I've read in several places that this type of news can result in PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).  She needs to talk to someone.   I can't persuade her. 

I am just so sad for her.   I don't even know how I would deal with this pile of bricks we dropped.  :(

I just keep telling her I love her.  I just praying she will find some peace.

From childhood to adulthood
Being born is where it all starts,
With a child’s pure and tiny parts,
Into the air and light of the world,
Parents and family who should be so proud.

The steps through childhood begin,
To grow in mind, body and soul from within,
A time to feel valued, encouraged and safe,
Wherever in the world this experience takes place.

The big steps to crawl, walk and run,
Make sounds, talk, sing and have fun,
When dreams are fresh and fu…

Habits - The Good, The Bad, The Forgotten

Improving on everything comes down to changing habits.  Good habits can slide off from time-to-time, but when you want to make a change the good habit must follow.

I find, sometimes, it's easy just to make the whole change in one fell swoop, sometimes it's in stages.

Right now I'm doing it in stages.

21 days to form, or return to, a good habit. Good habits take practice.  I try to remember it's only tough in the beginning... then it gets easier as the habit becomes permanent.

I started back training (lifting) with "Big Fred"  (BF). BF knows my history -- I trained with him prior to and immediately following my RNY surgery. That's been going well, now that we got a schedule down.  He kicks my butt twice a week and has provided me 3 other workouts I can do on my own at least 1 other day a week.  My swimming will take care of my cardio, along with time walking the track during Cassie's swim practice.

I saw a new Podiatrist this week and I am…

The Truth About the People You Can't Forgive

From  "In a special interview, Father Richard Rohr, founder of the Center for Action and Contemplation shares a few crucial, comforting insights about the people who have hurt us in the past. As told to Mamie Healey..."   The Truth About the People You Can't Forgive

1. The People You Can't Forgive Might Not Be Forgiven Today
"Forgiveness is a decision, but making that decision doesn't override the emotional residue that often takes much longer to release. That feeling of wanting revenge or wanting to assert your rightness or your victimhood—depending on the depth of your wounding—can take days, weeks, months and even years to dissipate. On certain days, when you're in a down mood, your psyche will want to grab onto that hurt. You have to go through that necessary period of feeling half dead, half angry, half in denial—this is the liminal space in which we grow for some reason.

T.S. Eliot once wrote, 'Wait without hope / For hope…

Living Your Truth. Owning Your Story.

Yep... things are changing here in this blogspace.  My journey to completing my Ironman is going to take way more than just training hours over the next 22 months.  My blog is going to be my way of working through the obstacles ahead. From here on out, I'm writing for me, for others with similar experiences. 

So, in the name of being completely honest and owning my story, one of the things that completely turned my world upside down was the open admission of some things that happened in my childhood.

As a teenager,  I was molested on several occasions -- by someone I knew.  Someone I trusted.

I can hardly believe I typed it. Whew.

This is my story.  My truth. There is no shame in it.  I was a victim them, but not now.  I share it not for a reader to feel pity, but in the hopes that maybe this story and my forthcoming journey, will help someone else.

With that said, it doesn't take rocket science to understand, now, why I have  had such struggles with weight and feeling ins…

Where Do I Re-start???

I don't even know where to re-start.  Ironman Florida came and went with it's bittersweet story.  It's taken me a while to even want to think about blogging or training, though the goal is still in the back of my mind. Alright.  Maybe not so much the back, but in my mind nonetheless. 

I've started my race report a number of times, but really, there isn't much to say.  Plagued with injury since the March 2014, in one way or another, kept me from really digging in on my running -- and trust me when I say I wanted to run.  I was feeling, dare I say, *good* when I ran.  I wanted to do more and get stronger, I was seeing progress.  By the time November 1st came, the farthest I had run was 10 miles and I couldn't walk for 3 days after. :(

Plantar Fascitis, a torn tendon and Achilles Tendonitis all kept me down.  I got to the point where I was only swimming and aqua jogging for periods of time.  Leading up to IMFL I was not even cycling, in an effort to let my Achil…

What's Happening???

For one, it is less than 11 weeks from IMFL.

How's my training going?

Very carefully and very s-l-o-w-l-y.  Back in May I was attacked by a dog in three different spots.  It required an ER visit and stitches.  The trauma caused by the bite to my leg was likely making the recovery of my Achilles Tendonit... wait, no, Peroneal Tedonitis, NO... Achilles...

Yeah, what she said. 

See, we (Podiatrist, Ortho or DC) weren't at all sure what was happening.  The only thing we knew is that I could not run without pain in back of my heel.  I started treating my Achilles again, and things are improving very slowly. 

I've been swimming and biking -- and both are going okay.  I am still missing at least a bike session a week, which I really hate to own up to, but I am on track to have average times that will leave me enough time for the walk/run I will need to do.

Sure, I wish I was more committed to my training.  I mean, I had these visions of being capable of dedicating 15 hours a wee…