Another Day

So another day has passed, and I am either just a couple months or more than 365 days away from being able to have WLS.

I called Methodist Hospital yesterday, and am registered for their seminar on Thursday, February 2nd. I go to Dr. Naaman’s seminar on Monday, January 30th, and between all that, on February 1st I see my Endocrinologist for my blood work results.

The Methodist program could run me anywhere from $3800 to $4000. The good part is, it covers all areas of the required pre-certification; medically supervised, behavioral modification and support. The cost is higher, because you meet with an MD each week to have your progress clinically monitored.

Since I seem to be a woman of Pros and Cons lately, why not one more time!

Learn and practice the new lifestyle required after surgery
Learn how to cope with the emotional issues after WLS
Feel better each day, and feel “hope” because I am working towards something
Loss of weight will make WLS easier and slighter safer for the surgeon to complete

Cost $3800 to $4000
May not lose all the weight, but enough to have WLS denied later
It may not be something I can commit to voluntarily, whereas you’re force to with WLS

Here’s a scary thought: Insurance could change and totally exclude!

I could take the “easier” way out and just visit monthly with my doctor for my “medically” supervised program, but even then since it doesn’t have all the modules the pre-cert said could be requested, I could really be making my wait longer, as they are very clear on what is required.

Gastric Bypass:

  • History and physical with co-morbidities, height and weight

  • Initial evaluation

  • Letter of medical necessity from 2 physicians

  • Documented failure of 12 continuous months of non-surgical weight management program supervised by an MD, DO or NP

  • Procedure codes
The weight management program should consist of:

  • Nutritional or medical nutritional

  • Therapy

  • Behavior modification or behavioral health interventions

  • Supervised increase in activity

  • Pharmacologic therapy (unless contraindicated)

  • Maintenance support to continue to encourage good nutritional choices and reduce health risk factors and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

What’s most important is that I stay positive, and regardless, continue moving forward towards my goal.


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