Coming to Terms

Hello new blog. :)

I'm Donna. Since I will be getting very intimate with you in future, I should explain what has prompted me to find a new place to journal...

It's the third week of the new year and I have finally come to terms with the idea of having weight loss surgery. Over the years I have had very mixed feelings about it. And while I thought it extreme and not the best method for me, I always supported my friends on their journey.

I can already tell this is going to be a powerful and emotional journey. I mean, from the very day I decided to consider it! In a way I almost feel like a failure to my body and as a role model to others. Today I was discussing it with my husband, and the realization that I need help brought me to tears.

I have yet to decide what kind of surgery. I want to keep my mind open and do what's right for me, though I'm leaning towards the lap band. I have known people who have experienced the glory of success with both the Lap Band and RNY, and those who have everyday challenges staying healthy after either surgery.

I'll use this journal to document my emotions and thoughts during the process. Some of it will be hard to write, and even harder for me to look back and read, I'm sure. I figure the more honest I can be about everything the better. I feel like starting this fresh blog will give me a 'clean slate', so to speak.

So, to explain my title... We go through life saying we don't have time for this, or time for that, or time for the things that are really important. The fact is I don't have time to not let my inner person out. She is active and fit, and wants to live a full and robust life. I just want my outside to match my inside, so I can feel good about me, be a good role model for my daugher, and love myself totally and unconditionally, so I can enjoy loving my husband even more.


  1. Hello Donna,

    You have such an awesome way of putting things into words. I wish I could discribe my feelings like you. But yet as I read what you have written I know exactly how you feel. It's as if you read my mind. I can really relate with you on the way you feel. I am interested in the lapband but I have read about so much positive about the RNY. I just wanted to wish you the best of luck on your journey and your choice of WLS.


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