Lean On Me

What did people do before there were online support groups? I mean it,seriously! I have met so many motivating and inspirational people, that I contribute a lot of the success I did have to them.

If it weren't for meeting 1 friend in particular, I would not have done a triathlon! Okay, so maybe some friends are best unmade -- unless you enjoy that kind of punishment, as I do. LOL

Truly, though, I have made so many online friends via Weight Watchers online, and have been blessed that some of those online relationships carried over to real-life, and for that I'm grateful beyond words.

One of my best friends, Melissa, underwent Gastric Bypass surgery in December of 2005 -- she has made an amazing transformation, and is truly a poster-child for Dr. Naaman -- and I mean that in the most positive way possible!

Since I finally "came out", so to speak, and told her what I was contemplating, she's been awesome! She's arming me with knowledge, almost daily, so I make the best informed decision possible. I am so lucky to have her to lean on right now. She's even offered to accompany me to Dr. Naaman's seminar.

Then there's Beth, known lovingly as the "BBIC" - the Big Bitch in Charge. Although now I guess she'd be a NSBBIC (Not So Big...!) She was banded about a year-and-a-half ago, and has lost about 80+ lbs. She is very candid about her experience, and readily admits she's taken things slow and did not commit 100% of the time to her band. She would give herself a "break" every now and again. Still, though, she's successful. I think secretly Beth knew I might do WLS surgery one day. I know the day I called her and was going to tell her about my choice, she guessed it. So

If this ride gets a little bumpy, and I go a little crazy, I wanted to make sure I took the time to let you know how much I appreciate you being there for me.

Melissa said, "It will all work itself out in your mind. Just immerse yourself in this new world and it will all come to you. And please - lean on me."

I will. *hugs*


  1. Hi Donna.. I am so glad you found my blog.. and thanks for the comment. That is so awesome that your friend Melissa is so supportive of you and will accompany you to the info. meeting. Good luck with your journey as well :)

  2. You have found the priceless treasure of online support and friendship. I'm 16 months post op from the lap band procedure and I applaud your attitude and determination NOW. You are not about to start a process; you have been on a journey for a while now and you are kicking butt and taking names. You sound like you enjoy life, love, activity and family. Keep those priorities in mind as you venture to the next level: YOU DON'T HAVE TO SETTLE in any area.



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