She Makes The Call!

I had my appointment with my new PCP. We talked about everything; she's on board with me having weight loss surgery, and will support my effort towards getting insurance coverage.

We talked bout Xenecal and Meridia. She said Xenecal won't really do anything for me since I don't eat a high fat diet. Meridia is simply a Seritonin booster, like an anti-depressant. I don't want to be dependent for the rest of my life on pills. Especially as we age, pills are pretty much going to be necessary -- why throw something else in the mix?

I was very candid with her, telling her what my issues are, and being accountable for my behavior. Most of all though, I emphasized that in order for me to have long-term success and be the same person on the outside as I am on the inside, I need help.

Make no mistake, I am not thinking weight loss surgery is going to solve every unwanted issue in my life. Clearly I need an MD to help me overcome my emotional issues with food. With the help, I know I will succeed. The surgery alone will not make me a success.

In talking with Melissa, she made a really good point. She said I was like her (I'm flattered she thought so!). We've have been blessed with so many successes in our lives, but that weight loss has always been a ongoing losing battle for both of us. She would hate to see me defeated yet again.

Well, it's no news flash, but: I won't want to be defeated again!

It is ironic, how the tables are turned. I am inspired by Melissa's consummate dedication to her lifestyle changes and courage to move forward with RNY. I remember about 4 years ago when I met her doing Weight Watchers, she was telling me I was motivating to her!

After writing down the pros and cons, weighting them individually against my ultimate goals, I'm now headed towards Laparoscopic RNY -- though it seems each day I'm on the other side of the fence. It's more than a challenge embracing the RNY procedure when you hear the horror stories; it most definitely is an invasive procedure, and I respect that totally!

So, to really try and understand the basis of the negatives, I have found if you research outside of the Internet you'll find some of the negatives and myths dispelled. I feel even more myths will be dispelled after the weight loss seminar with Dr. Naaman next week.

To be frank, after writing it all down, the risks outweigh the chance of impacting my daughter's self esteem and her healthy lifestyle issues because she has a morbidly obese Mom. It has been said, "The genes load the gun; the environment pulls the trigger." I'm part of her environment. I will do WHATEVER it takes for her to live in a healthy environment, and be surrounded by healthy rolemodels.

I simply pray that God will not take me from my family, and if he does, then so be it. You can bet if he tries, I will fight it every step of the way.

I want to move forward, get it done, and start living the life I was meant to live!

Some will disagree, but it seems many of the negatives hold their roots with folks who had undetected pre-existing conditions, had inexperienced surgeons, or did not follow the lifestyle changes required to stay healthy after the RNY surgery. Also, more negative reports have been associated with the Open RNY procedure vs. the Laporascopic RNY.

You cannot uncommit and recommit to RNY at your leisure; you just went under the knife and re-routed your digestive system to force a behavioral change! You must follow the post-op procedures, behavioral modifcations will be foreced upon you. If you don't change, you'll have trouble. Sounds extreme; because it is!

So, there you have it, RNY for me.

Wow! That has got to be the toughest decision I have ever made!


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