Started the Process

Last night I attended Dr. Naaman’s weight loss seminar. My supportive friend, Melissa went with me. When she had her surgery, they didn’t have the seminar. She even walked away learning something, she said.

All I can say is, "I'm sold!" without even being "sold" to.

It is plainly obvious to me that Dr. Naaman and his staff are the real deal; they're there to truly help. And true, it doesn't hurt that Dr. Naaman is noted as one of the top surgeons in the Nation for Laparoscopic RNY, but if he was a butt-head, or doctor advertising on the nearestbulletin-board, I wouldn’t be interested. I’m told some people find him direct. I find him to the point, and there’s a difference, to me anyway. Why mince words when we're talking about a life-altering procedure? This ain’t no time to be foolin’ ‘round!

I really liked how he impressed upon everyone the importance of aftercare. If I had a dollar for every time he stressed walking 30 minutes a day, maintenance, follow-up care and support groups, I could self-pay! He's right though -- why go through this to only go halfway? He was very forthright and showed us stats on all the different types of weight loss surgery, along with their complication and success rates. After his hour long presentation, he took nearly 30 minutes of questions; showing patience and caring throughout. To top it off, his office staff was there to help with insurance questions -- a very informative and thoughtful seminar.

I found out at the seminar that BC/BS of Texas is one of the hardest to get approvals through. The good news is, our plan is company funded, so Dr. N’s insurance folks feel like they might have different ways to approach – at least there’s a choice. I’m already starting on a letter to our Plan Administrator.

My biggest fear is if I have to hold to the 12 Month MD supervised diet, by the time I’m done with that, the company has a flat-out exclusion for weight-loss surgery.

The best part? I feel like I have just a tad of hope.


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