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Pass The Test!

So I’m sitting in the waiting room of my Endocrinologist’s office waiting to complete the final hour of my 3 hour Glucose Tolerance Test.   As I sit here in the waiting room though, I watch an older generation of folks walking in and out.  It strikes me that I’m probably the youngest one in here all morning.  I get to thinking more on the RnY surgery, and feel optimistic, that the procedure coupled with practicing a good lifestyle, will keep me from becoming a lifetime patient of Dr. S. and regular visits to this office by way of a walker or wheelchair. I could tell some of the Diabetic patients right away, having watched my Grandmother cope with Diabetes.  They were marked by their special footwear – the footwear necessary after amputation.   I don’t want to be in the obviously ailing condition that some of these folks are in.  I desperately want to be healthy! I sometimes think… “Do I really deserve this?”  “Isn’t there someone who needs this more than me?”  I mean, I don’t want to b