Health Care Benefits Change

Their Definition:
Managed Care -- A consumer driven health care plan giving consumers the power to make appropriate choices for preventive health care.

My Definition:
Managed Care -- A consumer driven health care plan which companies adopt, leaving the responsibility of self-diagnosis to the patient, rewarding those who are in good health, and penalizing those who need recurring health care treatment.

In the coming year our firm is changing it's benefits to a high deductible Managed Care Plan. In addition to the privilege of paying a premium for health care insurance, we also have the pleasure of paying out of pocket for care and pharmacy needs to meet a $2500 deductible, when a co-insurance kicks in. Isn't that lovely?

What really ticks me off the most is that despite the fact the firm is saving a lot money, it will cost me more to have coverage. I don't see any of the savings. They did say that the savings will effect the firm's bottom line, and "should" have a positive impact on the bonus pool and raises -- I'll believe it when I see it. Ever since our company went public, any change they've made has been for their benefit -- not ours.

Did I ever mention that we are an HR consulting firm? We help companies streamline their compensation, benefits and organizational plans.

The good thing is, I'm going to move over to my husband's benefits. My coverage will be effective January 1, 2007. I already know that WLS is covered, and right now there are no plan changes being made. So for his benefits, you need only provide medical records showing you have been 60% over your ideal body weight for 5 years, plus be over a certain BMI (I don't remember what the number was). Hopefully nothing will change, and I will be able to have the surgery in February!

I'll be on my way to being 40 and Fabulous! ;)


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