Last Night's Support Group meeting

I attended my first support group meeting last night. The speaker was from a local fitness facility, and I thought it nice that afterwards he personally told everyone there to identify themselves as having heard him speak, and he would see them for free, to go over all the exercises he demonstrated for us there.

The exercises were good... a quick 15 minute routine to help and encourage muscle growth -- definitely for beginners.

There were about 40 people there, both pre-op and post-op. Not to toot my horn, but I'm pretty active for a morbidly obese person, so for me, after surgery is going to be a little disappointing.

See, I want this surgery so my outside matches my inside -- the things I love to do. I love being active. And I know logically, in time it will be worth it, but I'll have to wait. Essentially I'll be starting over activity-wise after the surgery. The nurse who was facilitating the meeting said I'd probably have to forego my high-intensity activity for a year! That kind of blew me away.

A year... No step. No spinning. I hate walking and cardio exercise otherwise. Hmmm, wonder if I could take tap again -- at least I like that. I'll walk because I have to, but not because I enjoy it.

What really rang true at last night's meeting is that post-op is hard. Just because you have the surgery, doesn't mean it's over. You must modify your behaviors to have continued success Last night there were a poignant moment where a woman struggled to get out the words to explain her situation. I wanted to cry for her. I felt her pain.

The next support group meeting I want to go to is the one where the psych who does Dr. Naaman's pre-op patient evaluations. I'm very interested to learn more about the emotional challenges and the tactics to deal with them.

I signed up for my Bariatic Nutrition class. I go on July 11th. This Friday night I go for my sleep apnea test. I'm almost hoping they find something -- seriously! I thought I wasn't rested from being a Mom to a Toddler, but maybe there is another reason I'm so tired! LOL

'til later....


  1. it's great that you are updating again :) sounds like things are shaping up!


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