Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Mish Mosh

I went for a CPAP treatment on Friday night. I did feel slightly better the next day. When I go back to the doctor he'll prescibe a CPAP machine for me. I really hope it gets me to feeling better.

On a totally unrelated subject Dr. Annette Colby's newsletter was of particular meaning to me this month -- about nurturing Optimistic Determination. I know I am far from the days when I used to nurture that spirit almost daily.

For example, when we were dating my husband and I used to share a list of "thankfuls". We had to find 5 things we were grateful for, despite all the fogginess which seemed to be surrounding us for a while. Of course, as the fog lifted, we stopped sharing the list.

Dr. Cobly suggests starting a gratitude journal; 5 things you are grateful for and 1 or more things of success. It's something I need to put some thought into -- it certainly is not wasted time, as i have felt the success of sharing this gift with myself.

Face it. No one is going to nurture that spirit for me. That responsibility is soley mine.


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