Reality Bite

She walks into the kitchen and sees them sitting there; 2 dozen doughnuts, still warm from the oven, and gooey with glaze. The smell of the bakery bounty relentlessly calls her to indulge. Without thinking she says, “Mmm-mmm”.

But then, hit with a moment of semi-consciousness, she says “Wait, I’ll be good -- just half will do.” She reaches for a knife and slices a piece of hole-less heaven in half.

As she lifts the goodness to her lips, she wakes up.

“What the hell am I doing?!”

She tosses the doughnut into the trash, and proudly leaves the kitchen.

I fought the doughnut and I won!

I know, I know; seems kind of dramatic, doesn’t it? But for the last several weeks I have not been able to keep from mindlessly snacking. To actually have that doughnut to my lips (and yes, it did touch!) and throw it out is a huge deal for me.

I realize it shouldn’t be that way, but it is nonetheless.

Victory really is sweet. ;)


  1. Donna,

    I just had to stop and say hello and congrats to you for not submitting to the doughnut..LOL. I'm getting ready for my psych evalutation .. it was great to read about yours and know a little of what to expect. BTW.. your daughter is just adorable.. what a little doll!


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