Good Sleep, Support and Needed Vacation!

Well, I haven't been by here to write in a while, mostly because there's not much to write. I'm moving right along and Jan/Feb is getting that much closer each day.

I've had my C-Pap machine for about 2 weeks now, and I really do feel a difference. I'm staying up later each night without realizing it! (I know, I should be getting more rest!) It used to be that by 8:45 if I'm on the couch, I'm out cold! I've been going non-stop the last couple weekends painting and decorating my master bedroom and bath. It feels good to not feel totally wasted! and my bedroom and bath look great!

I had another round of blood work done, so that I can just see Dr. W, instead of the Endocrinologist AND Dr. W to get my Diabetes Meds -- it makes sense since I have to see Dr. W. once a month anyway. Seeing the Endocrinologist for my meds is another trip, and waste of money.

There's some shake-up going on with the Bariatric Program at my hospital of choice. It has me a little concerned, as it would appear the program iis disbanding. They had such a terrific program director, and quite an amazing support system for pre-op and post-op patients. We'll probably never know what the real reasons are for the demise of the program -- a terribly sad thing for all of us who were counting on that venue for support. The hospital will still do the surgery, as will Dr. Naaman, but things are changing.

The last on-site support group meeting is on Thursday, and I plan on attending. The last meeting I went to had an OBGYN as a speaker, and he talked about pregnancy after RNY.

The deal is you should not become pregnant until 2 years after your surgery. This gives your small intestine a chance to mature and learn to do the job of the two-thirds of your larger intestine which is being bypassed via the weight loss surgery. Once the small intestine learns its job, it is okay to become pregnant.

Once pregnant, you have all the regular risks associated with pregnancy after 35 (which I know well!). You have to be closely monitored for vitamin and mineral deficiencies and after month 5 you must visit the doctor each week. Not really different than when I carried Cassie; at 35 I was considered "High Risk" and was seeing the doctor once a week after month 6.

All that being said, make not mistake, there is risks involved. For some, pregancy can exasberate underlying problems you may have had since the surgery. The rule of thumb is, do the right thing for you and your baby, and follow the doctor's orders. Plenty of women who have had RNY have healthy babies every day.

We're not sure we want another, but at least it's good to know it's possible if we decide otherwise.

I'm still doing Weight Watchers, but until either work slows down or I can make exercise a priority, my losses are minimal. Things at work have a potential to become a little more accomodating, as I'm interviewing for a different position on Thursday or Friday. Keep your fingers crossed. I know I have the qualifications, I just need to med with the existing team.

In other news, next week I'm headed to California for an actual vacation!!! We're going to do Sea World, Lego Land, Wild Rivers and the Aquarium. Cassie will have tons of fun. I'll get to spend time with my Mom, Sister and 2 nieces. Also Darren and I are taking an overnight at the Surf and Sand Resort in Laguna Beach. We haven't gone anywhere together as a couple -- not even a honeymoon! since Cassie was born!! It will be a good time.

Speaking of Cassie, she'll be 2 next month on the 24th! I cannot believe how quickly time flies. I've got to start planning her Miss Spider Sunny Patch Buggy Birthday Bash. :)


  1. WOW, so much has been going on! thats so sad that the support group at the hospital is ceasing. have you found another yet? mine was great at the beginning but i felt out of place so i quit going.. and have done rather well by myself these last few months.. well as "well" as i could, hehe. thats SO awesome the pregnancy thing.. my docs told me to wait 1 yr... 2 yrs sounds good, my boyfriend wants to wait at least 3 so thats even better! i hope that you have a WONDERFUL time on your vacation!! *hugs*


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