And We're Off!

Well, I finally made it to the point in my journey where I actually got to meet my surgeon one-on-one. I was surprised to find I had 2 messages from his office when I returned from vacation, because I thought we weren't going to submit to my insurance and just wait until January when I'm on my husband's policy.

My H. Pylori test was negative -- one less thing to worry about. Dr. Naaman was exactly as I expected him to be. He was friendly, professional and forthright. His office staff was accommodating, and seemed to genuinely care about getting me approved and to my end result.
So in less than a week (as of today) the surgeon's office will submit to insurance. I'm fairly certain I will be denied, but it's a step in the right direction. Denied only because I haven't completely satisfied BCBS of Texas' pre-op requirements. But, you never know, someone might look at my 5 years STRAIGHT worth of Weight Watchers books and say, "yes".

A girl can dream, right? LOL

To change the subject, I'm a little troubled. Not enough to change surgeons, but troubled nonetheless about some unexplained innuendo and overall change of heart by our online support group's moderator with regard to my surgeon of choice.

See, the support group moderator was the director of the Bariatric program at the hospital I will have my surgery done at. For whatever reason, she was very troubled at work with ethical issues and stress. Ultimately she had to leave.

Everyone knows that this woman's passion is fighting the cause against Obesity -- so when she announced she was taking a job at a posh advertising agency, we knew something was up.

She says she's taking the high road, and wants to remain professional, yet now she is making off-color, negative comments that implicate that there is more to the problem than meets the eye at the hospital. She's even said to beware of wolve's in sheep's clothing. Enough to make one nervous to say the least.

She's made a 180 degree change in supporting Dr. Naaman -- Dr. Naaman was always regarded as a highly skilled surgeon on the boards, but she's totally changed her opinion -- even eluded to the fact that we should check the courthouse for litigation suits against him. "Do your homework" If she really cared and he really was involved in some serious, why won't she tell us? Especially if life-decisions are at stake.

It is so bothersome that she obviously knows something terrible-- but she won't say what it is. She says little things here and there, but never explains it all. It's so frustrating.

Another member of the group posted, mirroring how I felt. I took the opportunity to respond as well, however my post was banned.

I've certainly upset her by my response, and I've written her directly as well -- to date, I've received no response. I wanted to be direct, but also honest and forthright. I'm really not trying to be accusatory, but this is my life at stake!


  1. Wow!! Where did all the drama come from these days that we seem to be facing with our surgeons? First of all, I thought your letter was awesome. Really. It came across as very intelligent and was extremely well thought out. I wish she would have posted it. I do think that her NOT posting your letter confirms something, though. Her opinions are no longer coming from a place of objectivity. She obviously has some real biases against the doctor and his team and that is seriously clouding her judgement. Go with your gut instincts and research how his previous patients are doing and how their experience with him went. If there were problems, they will write about it.

    I wish you so much luck on getting insurance approval!


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