Investigative Reporting

Okay, so I have some issues of concern which are going to require some investigative research. A few entries back, I rant about our online supprot group moderator. I shared my frustration with her lack of details and innuendo which has left pre-op support group members wondering if our doctor of choice is the "wolf in sheep's clothing" she keeps referring to.

I used Lexis/Nexis, a leagal research system available to anyone online, and ir found 6 malpractice suits, in 2006, against my surgeon. Of course I know we live in a letiginous state; people sue for everything. This doctor has such an awesome reputation that I'd hate to fall into believing there is anything substatial.

So, now at least I have the docket numbers. I guess a trip to public records is in order. I messaged the moderator and asked her if I was on the right track, and she could only respond "I think so" and "there is more".

I hate that she's making me question my surgeon at this point in the game, but I have to do the due diligence. I have to.


  1. wow donna, that's scary. it's actually not nearly as easy to get a malpractice suit filed as we're led to believe. in every instance i've known of, the only cases filed are those in which permanent lasting disability or death was the result. litigious or not, 6 in a year seems extreme . . . good luck. lynette

  2. I agree that 6 seems like a lot, but I wonder what the actual percentage is in relation to the number of surgeries he's performed. Don't get me wrong, I'd be nervous too, but this might be a different perspective. The average number of deaths for this type of surgery is about 1 out of 200. Say he's doing 4 a week x 52 = 208. So if you take that into consideration knowing that the percentages of complications is actually higher? I dunno. I think you're definitely on the right track. I'd try to find the records and read them with an open mind. Scary. That woman on the boards totally bugs the hell out of me. Why is she trying to be so cryptic. If she had actual facts, wouldn't she just share them with you? Especially, if she thought you were in danger? IMO, she's a putz. I wish you luck. Keep us posted.


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