Prayers for our Pin-up Girl!

Oh my goodness! I'm so excited for Danyele. Today is her re-birth -- she's having her surgery.

Watch out world, here comes one hot Pin-up girly-girl!

By the time you see this blog Danyele, you'll be home recovering. It might get challenging at times, but keep focused on your end result and how good you'll feel later.

Truth be told, you strike me as a pin-up girl already!

Positive thoughts are of you today! I look forward to seeing an * by your name again!



  1. Hi,
    Chris, Danyele's boyfriend just called me to let me know Danyele is now in recovery. They won't be able to see her for another hour or so but the Dr. said everything went fine in surgery!

  2. Hi Donna!! ((big big hugs)) I'm home! I was only in the hospital for 2 days - it went so fast. I feel good.. a little sore, but I have a good amount of energy. The best part - my blood pressure was COMPLETELY NORMAL when I left the hospital. In 48 hours - can you believe it? I know this is just going to get better and better ;-)


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