Big News!

I hesitate to say anything until everything is firmed up, but I can't contain myself.

I am approved!

I called BCBS CareFirst today to find out the status on my Pre-auth. I actually called yesterday, and the rep told me that oddly enough it had been "pending" for entirely too long, and that she was going to transfer me to a case worker.

She did and I was disheartened when I got voice mail. I left a message, feeling pessimistic that they would ever return my call in the 24 hours that they promised.

Lo, and behold, today Mary called me! First she apologized for the wait, that it should have been approved 2 weeks ago, but that I am indeed approved. I was dumbfounded.

I said, "Are you sure?"
She said, "Why wouldn't you be, you meet all the guidelines.
I said, "Can anything change the decision?"
She said, "Not unless you don't want to have the procedure done."

I started crying and she asked if I was crying because I was happy. I told her I was, that I just couldn't believe it. She said believe it, you are approved.

She's going to call the doctor either today or tomorrow morning to make it final.

I called the doctor and told them. I have my preop work scheduled for 10/31 and surgery scheduled for 11/15.

It seems so surreal, I can't even explain it.

I turn 39 on Novmeber 5th -- November 15th will begin my journey to becoming 40 and fabulous!

Oh... one more thing. She told me that she reviews cases like this all the time, and never has she seen 5 years worth of Weight Watchers books where a membership has never lapsed! She wished me well with this second chance. :)

Having started with the new gym and personal trainer, I kept asking God to give me a sign; to let me know I was doing the right thing by having the surgery, or if I should tough it out with the personal trainer and give it one last hurrah. Getting my approval after just 5 months is my sign. Thank you, thank you, thank you God, for giving me this 2nd chance at life.


  1. Woo hoo!!! I'm dancing with you! This is awesome.

    I got a date too and it's a week from today. Yikes!

    I'll meet you on the loser's side :)

  2. FANTASTIC NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I have goosebumps! I've been lurking on yourblog for a while... but had to come out to say CONGRATS!

    I am very excited for you.

    Good luck and I look forward to following your story as you start your journey to Loserville!


  4. Oh Donna - I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! And signgurl too.. wow! We're all going to be a bunch of sassy skinnies soon!!

  5. Heh -- sassy skinnies.


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