Friends in Supportive Places

One of my best friends, Melissa, sent this messaage out -- she had been dying to announce my surgery to anyone who knew me through her. I love her for her friendship, support, knowledge and constant encouragement. She's has a beautiful soul.

Although it could just be that I like her because she says nice things about me! I don't know. LOL (kidding). Here is what she sent out:

That's right!!!! One of the greatest friends I could ever have will soon be joining me on the "other" side.... I am so, so, so happy to announce that Donna will be having her gastric bypass surgery Nov. 15, 2006, at 7:30 a.m. with Dr. Naaman!!!!!!!! YAYAYA!

Although she heard yesterday from the insurance company that she was approved, she wanted to wait on announcing it until she received the official word today.You cannot imagine HOW HARD it has been for me not to shout it from the mountain tops!!!

I've included a lot of people - some who have never met Donna in person - on this mailing list. However, each person here "knows" her and knows how much I love and admire her. I have never met a more dedicated person to exercising and weight watchers in my life. I am just so happy that she will now finally be given the tool that will give her the results that equally match the amazing efforts she has put into being healthy. I know each of you are excited for her and will send her your positive energy.

Donna - I've said it before but I'll say it again: You are my hero! I wish you nothing but all the wonderful things you deserve in life! You've worked sooooooooo hard - and I know you will continue to give your all to being as healthy as possible! You've amazed me as a size 18 tap dancer - and you will no doubt blow me away as a size 8 athlete!

All my love to you, Butterfly, as well as to your amazing husband Darren and your sweet little baby girl Cassie. I am just so happy for you all that I am crying!


Melissa (Melissa's Transformation) has been so instrumental in helping me through my thought process. If it wasn’t for seeing up close how well she did with her surgery, I’m not sure I would have entertained it as a viable option. She's had so much success, how could I deny the possibility it might work for me?!? I’m just a little hard-headed when it comes to making a change of heart. LOL

Truly, it wasn’t until my Endocrinologist suggested it that I really started to contemplate it – couple his suggestion with Melissa’s success, and I knew what I needed to do.

I met Melissa many years ago when I used to moderate a Weight Watchers support group. At that time I lived in Dallas and she lived in Houston. Several years later, my then fiance' now Huband brought me to Houston. Melissa and I have remained friends through the course of time... and of course Weight Watchers, and now to come, surgery.

I'm so sure this is the right thing for me. I'm so blessed to have real-life friends, not to mention my bloggin' friends, to be with me on this journey.

I am so blessed.


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  2. Congratulations to you on being accepted and scheduled for your surgery. I am sure you put a lot of thought and effort into making that decision. It sounds like you are the perfect person for the procedure. I just know Signgurl is going to do smashingly and I bet you will do. Doing Weight Watchers and exercising already you are allready headed in the right direction.

    Well now I am new here but you have me hooked. I will have to keep checking in and, if appropriate, I will say prayers for you. Best wishes on November 15.


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