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Okay, so I started watching Oprah from yesterday: "Life After Weight Loss Surgery". I didn't make it through the entire episode because I was stressed out about some automotive issues I am having. My stress coupled with Oprah's coverage of the issue had me at my wit's end, so I just had to turn it off.

What I did see of it, covered addiction transference. This particular mother is now in denial of her alcohol addiction after having Gastric Bypass surgery. She was so obviously a functional alcoholic. Evidently she has some unresolved childhood physical and sexual abuse issues that are causing her this addiction transference.

I can see where she feel like she's just having fun and being social, but she was contradicting herself, saying, "I don't drink during the day." only to be caught later on video saying she was drinking in the middle of the day. She feels that she's dedicated the last 17 years to raising her kids and tending to her family's needs, that now is the time for her to have fun. And she really sees this socializing and drinking as just plain ol' fun. Unfortunately it's coming at a cost to her family. The same family that never really saw her as fat to begin with -- it wasn't until she lost weight with the surgery that they realized how big she was.

I know when I went for my psych eval, the doctor dove deeply into the area of addiction. I just pray I'm not one of the 30% that picks up some other crazy addiction to replace food! Oiy!!

It's really scary stuff -- and unfortunately I guess you don't know until it happens. Like I said, I just couldn't watch any more of it -- maybe I'll be able to watch the rest of it tonight.

On a happy note, the already beautiful Signgrl is having her surgery today! I'm so danged excited for her. Happy re-birthday Signgrl!


  1. Sorry I have not read this post. I just wanted to pass on to you SignGurl is in recovery and doing fine.

    Have a great day.

  2. Can I ask a question. Now I have not checked into a bypass surgery. What little I know is what I have heard from a couple of people.

    I thought once you had the surgery you were not suppose to drink anymore. Am I wrong? If not then that person that is now drinking during the day... isn't that a real bad thing? Just curious.

  3. Anonymous3:12 PM

    inspiring story to share. I had gastric bypass surgery in 1999 and lost 130 pds.In the seven years since my surgery, I have maintained my weight loss, but have been addicted to
    alcohol, LOVE, beauty, pills, attention, plastic surgery (that went wrong),and what I am realizing now,after all that I have been through over the
    years, I have had transference of addictions. I recently was part of a Reality Show "NBC's Starting Over" and that helped me realize most of my addictions and opened a can of worms to the wounds that I needed to heal. I have been sober for over a year,but always struggled to want to numb the pain. Being on television and having cameras follow me , having fans, and changing my life, has made me want to help educate others and use this experience as a platform to SCREAM self-care and peace of mind. I feel like I will always be searching for the answer to happiness, for myself and others. My story has also been featured in July 06 Obesity Help Magazine. I am studying to become a life coach and I am trying to help empower others to be there best. I can now put a name to what has plagued me for the past seven years, transference of addictions. I would like to continue to learn and grow and share my story to help heal others. Please contact me if you are someone you know needs support in heling and change. It's never to late to start over!

    Be Blessed!
    Christie Duran

  4. Anonymous12:31 PM

    I had RNY almost a year ago. And mine has become shoppping and vicoden. But I look hot! lol. (ok, maybe not so funny).


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