After jumpin' through hoops to get my physician's letter of release to train with the trainer, you'll never guess what happened.

I had to cancel. Lucky me, I have Strep.

I have watched more TV this week than ever I think. But I did find some useful information from the boob-tube. I was watching Oprah yesterday and Bono was on; they were introducing the (Red) Project.

Essentially retailers have partnered up with the (Red) Project, and if you buy a (Red) product or sign up for a (Red) service, at no cost the consumer, the (Red) Partner donates a portion of its profit to buy and distribute anti-retroviral to those living with HIV Africa. And no, not all the products are red in color.

It costs just .50 a day for a pregnant mother to take the medication necessary to keep from passing HIV to her unborn child. .50! Being a Mom, I can't imagine not being able to afford the medicine necessary for my unborn child -- so it hit home with me.

So it's Gap's Inspi(red) tee-shirts for my Christmas shopping this year! Oh, there's actually a blogspot for them -- Join Red


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