Just Killing Time... For the Next 19 Days

I guess I'm just going to be killing time for the next 19 days. I've been busy enough at work to keep from dwelling on the surgery date, so that's a good thing. The few people at work who do know, are so excited for me -- it's like we have this silent countdown going. Ironically enough my surgery date is the same day as our Annual Thanksgiving Potluck Luncheon. Hopefully, by the time they're done stuffing their faces at work, I'll be happily in recovery. :)

My quads are burning today! I had a training session yesterday. It wasn't so much the training session alone that killed me, it was the full 30 minutes of cardio BEFORE the session started that hit me! My trainer called and said I could come in early. I did, but he was wrapping up with another client and ran late. It didn't bother me much at the time, but this morning as I walk around like an old lady, I'm cursing him under my breath!

It was a good session. He taught me some core exercises on the Swiss Ball. I was somewhat familiar with them, as I used to take a class where that's all we did; worked with the balls. He was impressed I managed the positioning so well. He's good for my ego -- he tells me I'm one of his more apt clients, and that he really has fun working with me. That's cool, cause he's alright in my book too.

He brought up the surgery again. He wanted me to know that after thinking about everything even more, that I have his full support. He said, "Right now you need support, not me getting on your case for your choice. I can tell by your attitude you're going to rule this, that you're not counting on the surgery to just magically work for you. I can see your determination."

He's absolutely right. :) 1
19 days! Whoohoo!


  1. I so know what you mean about killing time. I'm doing it and I don't even have an exact date yet... but "end of November" seems so far away and yet so close. I'm treading water, waiting for my moment to swim.

    Sounds like you're doing all the right things Donna. I really need to get this butt moving!

  2. I'm amazed that your trainer is being so supportive of your WLS - that is fantastic! You've got a keeper for sure.

    Have you watched the reality show "Work Out" on Bravo? I love the show, but was really sad that they were talking this woman out of WLS. She had several comorbidities that she talked about on the show and could really benefit from WLS. I'll be curious to see how she's doing during the next season of the show. I wonder if she'll still be a client.

  3. The time will fly by. Really, it will. Like when paint dries or water starts to boil :-)

    I just posted about my one-year WLS birthday. I had a hard time putting words to how different my life is today. You'll be on that road soon.

    Best wishes for your surgery,

  4. I remember getting a very anxious feeling that I just wanted everything to be OVER and behind me! I even started losing interest in food as I began to get a bit "fooded out" maybe. This whole thing is about persistence and earning the reward. It's coming....


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