Race for the Cure and Other Thoughts

This past Saturday was the Susan G. Koeman Race for the Cure. 5k of Houston's infamous heat and humidity! It was yucky. I captained a team here at work -- we had a good time.

Here are some pictures:

Angels for the Cause

Can you see how far ahead the people stretch?
It had been a reported 25,000 participants.

The hardest part of the race is not crossing the finish line...
it's making it to the starting line.

There was a whole crew of these folks...
They call themselves the "Breast Cancer Tsunami"

I've also decided I will be changing gyms and hiring a trainer for at least 10 weeks. I want 2 things out of this; 1) Learn the proper way to progress in strength training, and 2) build as much lean muscle mass as I can (without looking like the Hulk) before the surgery. I have read too many times that you loose so much muscle mass early on. I don't want to suffer a hiatus with the kinds of exercise I enjoy because I'm losing muscle mass so fast. Plus, the more lean muscle mass, the more calories I will burn. :) So it's a win-win.

Some of the events with the group moderator have unfolded. She has been retained by University General Hospital -- it is a new "luxury" hospital facility -- as their Director of Marketing. I knew she couldn't leave the cause. As to receiving any other explanations to her commentary, it just won't happen.

I continue to do my research. Still haven't found anything monumentally negative on my surgeon of choice yet -- I really don't think I will.

Happy anniversary to me and my hubby tomorrow. We'll be married 3 years, together for 8.


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