This is the reason why...


  1. Oooo.. she's so adorable! Thanks for sharing the pics

  2. What a cute. This so reminds me of something from my past. We were touring Wisconsin on vacation and we stopped somewhere. My sister and I went inside a pumpkin and poked our heads out the holes and my Dad caught that as a slide. I remember the time, I remember the slide. I am sure moments like this will live on forever.

  3. too cute this blond little angel of yours. but - and PLEASE don't get this the wrong way, because I think she's really beautiful - you have to watch out that she eats differently than you did when you were a child. Because anything you may have learned about eating when you were her age is bound to have been terribly wrong.

  4. Ohmygosh, what a CUTE little girl you have!!! And your date is so near ... I'll be crossing my fingers for you and thinking good thoughts.


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