To Tell... or Not to Tell

I overdosed on Zyrtec (allergy meds), and that's not a good thing. I'm so incredibly sleepy, it's unbelieveable. I feel like I'm in a fog -- Oiy. I felt my allergies coming on strong last night when the cool winds came in, so I figured, "I'll take 2 -- I'm going to bed anyway." Well, I'm paying for it today! Stupid me. I don't normally do that kind of thing with perscription drugs - but after feeling so miserable with the Strep, I didn't want to feel sh*tty again!

To totally shift gears without a clutch, I don't want to be a farse, but I also don't feel like sharing the fact I'm having surgery with the whole world -- well, the world at the office anyway. I just don't want to deal with potential negative energy I might receive from someone before going under the knife. Does that make sense?

I want happy thoughts, flowers and sunshine! :) I can come up with enough bad scenarios in my own mind!

I'm certainly confident with my decision, but I don't want to waste one breath trying to convince someone that what I'm doing is acceptable, despite associated risks.

The bottom line is, it's my choice. It's my body.

Therefore I've asked the few people at work who do know, to keep it on the QT. After the surgery, when I come back to work, I will share.


  1. People have all kinds of opinions on this surgery and they seem strangely compelled to SHARE THEM; it's a good idea to just avoid all that! When the weight starts coming off you'll have enough opinions and comments to deal with!

  2. I decided to share with a few who shared with many. People I don't even know are approaching me with their second hand stories. I think if the insurance process hadn't taken so long, it wouldn't have been so bad.

  3. I agree Donna - I am telling very few people. My boss knows and one of my employees knows. I have told noone else at work. If people notice later then I may change that. By then I'm not going to care what their opinions are.

    This is a wonderful secret to have.

    It looks like my surgery will be within a couple of weeks of yours... it'll be nice to have a WL buddy.

    Take care


  4. I'm scheduled for 11/6/06 and can't even write about it on my own blog because I'm trying to keep it as quiet as possible! Those that do know and have concerns are keeping them to themselves. Like you I don't want any negative energy around me the next 8 days!

    Good luck to you and how wise you are to have this procedure done while you are still young!


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