Back from 'Bama (no banjo on my knee!)

Made it back from Alabama. It was as relaxing as was expected, so that was nice. When there's not much around, there's nothing left to do but relax. We spent time down on the 100+ year old family farm and took Cassie fishing for the first time. Now granted it's a stocked pond, but she caught 4 fish! She was just so curious; it was exciting to see her interest.

I can't believe I have just 6 days. The trip really did keep my mind off it. We didn't even try to tell Darren's 80 year old mother about it. I mean this in the nicest way; she's very simple minded. If we tried to tell her about the surgery it would just make her head spin. Of course we'll have some explaining to do later, but we can brush pass some of the details (for her benefit).

I am concerned as to how to deal with her after though. She is a Food Pusher with a capital F! If we're not doing something at a particular moment, you can bet we're either talking about food or eating food. It's really bad. I'll have to think on how to approach this in a fragile manner.

6 days!


  1. Oh come on, she's 80 and simple-minded! Just take some food, fiddle around with it, move it around on your plate, sneak some of it on to your husband's plate, nibble on a little, put some in your napkin...she'll be clueless!

  2. Donna's Response:

    Yeah, she's 80. She might be simple minded, but she's sharp. The best thing she does is push food... I swear! If there wasn't a need to worry, I wouldn't. LOL

    Seriously, that is how she is. She checks everyone's plate at the table and makes sure they have what they need. My husband lost about 15 lbs since last time he was there, and she thought him sick!

    She's not right when it comes to food. Not right at all.

  3. I can't believe your day is coming so quickly! I know exactly what you are feeling right now.

    I went from being extremely happy to crying about how beautiful the sunset was.

    It's a rollercoaster ride, but well worth it :)

  4. First can I say good luck next week. You are going to do just fine. Until then, maybe cleaning the house, Christmas cards, well anything to keep your mind elsewhere. My Gul Bladder surgery was the same way and I managed to keep it out of my thoughts until the actual day.

    For the food pusher, can you say that your doctor has told you you need a change in your eating habits? You can tell her what you have done but I am sure it will go in one ear and out the other. I have seen that before when I was on a serious diet. I was told I lost to much and eat. They really do mean well.

    Good luck.


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