Back to Work

Well, today marks 2 weeks post-op for me and I'm headed back to work. I'm down 24 lbs. as of this morning, and overall I feel great!

I'm blessed that it has been remarkably easy to stay in control while at home, so it leaves me wondering, "Where was this resolve pre-op?"

This is such a challenging time of year at the office, as there's all kinds of junk in every breakroom and every office you visit. I guess I feel like my resolve might be a farse; that when I get to the office, I won't be able to stay in control.

Although I could just lock myself up in my office. LOL


  1. I think you will find that the fear of dumping will keep you on the straight and narrow. I'm scared to death to eat something I haven't yet unless I'm at home.

    I can't believe you've lost 24 pounds! Good for you.

    I know you'll do well at work. You've got spunk!

  2. With how hard you were training I just know you will do super at work. I do not know what you are able to eat now but couldn't you take little snack like things in like celery that will help you have something even if it is not the sweets that everyone brings in. I know celery would be kind of hard but what ever you can eat that as light weight and low in calories but yet provides some chewing action.

    Woo hoo, 24 pounds. Good for you. I do not know how you lose weight but for me that would put me down about 5 sizes. You go girl!

  3. The junk at work might mess with your head a little at first, but you'll get over it. My office is the worst for having goodies all over the place, especially during the holidays. It doesn't bother me at all.. I just look at it and go get my yogurt out of the fridge.


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