The Drain is Gone...

...along with 16 lbs.! Everything is great. I'm cleared for full liquids and and can use the elliptical instead of walking. In 3 weeks I'll be released to return to the trainer.

Now, becasue I don't be all *faux* about it. I think they used my initial consultation weight... I was like 303 - 304 ish, I think. I weighed right after lunch, in full clothes, with boots, so the weight is definitely skewed.

The problem is, when he said 16 lbs, I was so stunned, I didn't catch my weight for today. I think it was 288.

On the day of the surgery, I weight 299 at the hospital and 298 at home. So really while the gross loss is 16, the surgery netted an 11 lb. loss so far.

That's the scoop!


  1. Glad you're free of the drain. I don't remember having one.. guess it came out in recovery?? Not sure but it doesn't sound like fun. Oh - and glad that you're on full liquids now. Never though I'd be so jazzed about cream of chicken soup!


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