Discharged at 12:30, and got home by 2pm. My pain was really a 6/7 -- I'm not that tough.

I'm coming down off my last shot of Demerol now, so I ought to go.

Thanks Melissa, for updated --- thank everyone for the well wishes. Will update more later!


  1. I can't believe you're home already... I'm very jealous. My surgery will be an open one.

    Good luck Donna - can't wait to see the weightloss numbers and hear all about your progress


  2. Blogger keeps eating my comments!

    Welcome to the loser's side!

    I'm sorry I missed wishing you well before surgery. I did think of you quite often and was glad to hear that you were doing well.

    May you have an uneventful recovery. God Bless!

  3. You're home already?!? Wow! Well congratulations girlie - you're a loser! I'm so excited to follow your journey Donna. Rest up and get ready for the ride!

  4. My last few days have been crazy so I lost track of you. Glad to see you are home and all is looking fine so far. You know being in the shape you where and doing the exercise you did should be a huge advantage to you now. Good luck on the Loser's side.


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