No. Pre-op Work Today (For Real)

Okay, so yesterday was pretty much a diaster. Work was one challenge after another and I was drained. I left work late and couldn't remember if my pre-op appointment was at 2pm or 2:30 -- I had it all f'd up my my Blackberry (you know those digital assistants are only good if the data is entered accurately!).

I get on the road with time enough ahead of me to make it there by 2pm. As my luck would have it this particular highway is under construction AND to make matters worse it was down to 1 lane because of a car fire. I was ticked, but tried to relax by hoping no one was seirously injured. I called my surgeon's office, after I moved no more than 1/2 mile in 30 minutes, and warned them I might be late.

Of course they understood, but I got stressed when they said, "you have to be here by 3pm, or we can't see you." I'm leaving for vacation and having the pre-op work done when I get back was apparently too late.

I made it to the office by 2:45 -- waited until 3 before I saw the doctor. I rushed to the hospital for the pre-op work, and there was a 3 hour wait. Crud! I waited a while, but the receptionist motioned me to the desk and told me I could come back tomorrow -- so I took advantage of the offer thinking, "I could make it to my training session if I leave now."

I hit the road, get to the gym with 10 minutes to spare. I go to the locker-room and my phone rings. It's my trainer -- he's not there. Most of his afternoon appointments canceled, so he went home for the day.

See, I made the mistake of giving him the courtesy of letting him know I might be late. He said, no worries, that since I was his last appointment he'd wait for me, even if I was late. I told him to call me if he didn't feel like waiting on me, and I promised to call him with an update on my ETA. I called him and told him I'd be there -- like I promised. He did not call me and tell me he decided to go home. I was pissed.

Some days it just seems like everthing is a challenge. Argh... I'm done venting. :)

I just left the gym and got home to what is really important -- TorT'ing with my Minnie Mouse.


  1. You and your daughter are beautiful! Thanks for sharing that picture with us.

    Have fun on your trip. Time is going to fly faster than you know.

    You won't regret your decision. I think the hardest part of all of this was the waiting for it all to happen. I'm so excited for you!

  2. Glad your day ended on a very sweet note!

  3. To two that are too cute -- thanks for keeping in touch with me! :)


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