Not Bad... Not Bad at All

I'm doing fine. I'm rarely thinking about food during the day at work, and I haven't been tempted by anything.

I do wish however my surgeon wasn't such a stickler for this long full liquids phase. 27 more days.... 27 more days until soft foods.

It's really been a couple sh*tty days at work this week. I'm thankful for the short week. If I haven't blown it with emotional eating by now, I'll make it the 27 more days!

I meet with our office's managing consultant tomorrow... maybe some of my issues will get resolved... just maybe.

Thanks for all the supportive notes - I appreciate the thoughts and kindness. :)


  1. I did liquids only for the whole first month. It made me feel like I was really giving it 100% and taking full advantage of the great gift I'd been given. The absence of hunger and food itself helped me begin the paradigm shift away from food obsession. Use this time! It's part of the gift.

  2. It has to be hard when you read/hear about other people that can have soft foods at two weeks.

    I read about someone eating a hot dog 3 weeks post op. WTF?

    Dagny's right. You have the right mindset to make the next 27 days work for you.

  3. I'm so glad to hear that you're adjusting well. The first year is so amazing, all of the exciting changes that await you.


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