Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Pictures: They Don't Lie!

This was taken just 3 hours before surgery!


Aussieabroad said...

Can't wait to see the follow up pictures... it's very exciting being able to follow your journey from the beginning.

Take care


SignGurl said...

I just put mine on Obesity Help a few days ago. It took me a month to get up the nerve.

You are beautiful, no matter what!

SignGurl said...

P.S. What program did you use to put all three together? I need to do that.

Danyele said...

The "before" pics are really important. I was a wreck when I initially posted by hospital pic, but now I'm totally at peace with it. I take a look every now and then just to get a little perspective. I will not ever forget. I must not ever forget.

Dagny said...

These are perfect "before" photos. They will mean a lot to you in the future. Way down the road you may find yourself upset by them or greatly encouraged. My old photos upset me but it's important to see where I've come from.

Melting Mama said...

Hawt! :-) Keep 'em coming. No, really... this is very important, and way to go. :-)

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