Post Op - Day 3

Well, as for right now I'm feeling pretty good. I've been walking 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes at night -- and yes, sip, sip, sipping as the day is long.

It's not nearly as bad as I thought, but I'll be glad when the the clear liquids phase is over; I'm having my drain removed next Wednesday. After the drain is gone, I can move to full liquids and I'm sure it will feel like world until I tire of them too! Pre-op I used to do homemade yogurt smoothies all the time, so being able to have them for breakfast again will feel somewhat "normal."

I use plain lowfat Kefir, friut, vanilla extract and Splenda. The Kefir is a probiotic -- it's like yogurt, but it's the consistency of buttermilk. Thin enough to get through a straw.

I also have cream soups, cream of wheat, malto-o-meal and grits to look forward too! Whooohooo! ;)

Today I actually went to the gym to walk. Up until this morning, I had been walking around my neighborhood. I did 30 minutes at 3.0. It felt good to know that now when I exercise, my efforts will be rewarded.

Thanks everyone for the well wishes. I'm off to take some meds and rest. :)


  1. You go girl. Keep up the hard work and determination. You are doing fine.


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