Post Op - Day 4

Goals... I don't want to set any expectations, other than achieving a healhty BMI.

So, at 66", my 'Normal' body weight should be between 118 lbs. and 148 lbs.

I can't even fathom 118 lbs.right now!

I guess I will shoot for the middle of the range, 133 lbs.? I don't know; just seems so unimaginable at this point! But it will happen. I will make it happen.

Once again, I'm feeling better today than yesterday. I'm going to venture out with my family to the food store (Mommies never get a break!), do some laundry and get my morning walk in.


  1. You need to take it easy. Remember your body has been through a major trauma! (I'm done lecturing now.)

    The liquid phase isn't so bad until the last couple of days. You will be ready for more solid foods then.


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