Post Op - Day 5

My 2 post-op friends, Melissa and Liz invited me to go to a local WLS support group meeting tonight. This morning, I really wanted to go. I had been trying to psych myself up for meeting a bunch of new folks all day, but I just could migrate to a proper mindset. These 2 women are super special, making arrangements to pick me up and take me home. I feel bad bailing on them, but I just need to rest. I love you girls for thinking of me and giving me so much encouragement and support.

While I might be "hibernating", I still think a lot of how I feel mentally during this time immediately after surgery is improved (not erradicated) by positive and focused thoughts about the larger picture and potential outcome. Physiologically I can't change what is happening to my body, but at least I can give myself a shot at managing my mental disposition. :) It sounds hoakie, but I think meditative thoughts on the postive outcome of this each and every night.

By the time I got around to finally posting today, I'm a little tired -- I went to the gym for my walking, to the store to pickup some last minute needs for Turkey Day, and then made some homemade potato soup for Wednesday! I'm planing on making split pea too.

I got some great tips from Liz this morning on suggestions of things to eat for 5 weeks subsequent to this Wednesday, for which I was thankful! If I can get it through a straw and it meets nutritional guidelines, it's probably okay. That doesn't mean I can liquefy a cheeseburger!

I had planned on making Cream of Sweet Potato Soup, but then she told me her problems with the fibers in the potatoes. I mention it here so that others might consider what happened to her, but her Mom was ready to take her to the ER. Liz knew it would pass, and it did, but she learned a lesson. I just chose Sweet Potato over White Potato because of the nutritional content and it's Glycemic Index.

She also told me tomato soup was really hard on her stomach with the acidity of it.

The plain broths from-the-box were killing me. Eeeeyuck! So Liz told me to check-out the Campbell's clear broth based soups and strain all the stuff out them. What a difference!


  1. Having a goal of cultivating a mindset for yourself will help you a LOT. I believe that you become the person you want to be if you live as you want to be. It becomes inveterate. Work on that mindset and it all becomes part of your nature!


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