This Weekend....

This weekend was a busy one for me, but it was good. It definitely kept the time from dragging.

My Friday night, girls night out, started off slow. There was awful weather and a lot of the group had to work late. By around 10, we still hadn't gone out, but I was bored and went ahead anyway. We were all texting one another with logistics as I waited.

I got to the club and found a seat. I like to people-watch, I wasn't terribly bored waiting on everyone. In fact, while sitting there a guy introduced himself to me. He was taller than tall. If I had to guess, I know he was taller than my brother, who is 6'6", but I digress...

Anyway, we got to talking. After about an hour he was asking me, "What's your deal? Why are you here alone?" I explained the night's events to him, and for some reason told him we were going to celebrate both my birthday and re-birthday; that I was having weight loss surgery on Wednesday.

He said, "No kidding?" "I had it 5 years ago!"

So it was kind of cool that of all the people that could have talked to me, he did. We talked about his experience and it was good -- at the least it passed the time away until my friends showed up. When they did, we celebrated and had a great time!

On Saturday, Darren let me sleep late, and I had a training session. Date night was nice. We went to dinner. I didn't go nuts, but I did have a nice steak. We were going to go for ice cream, but I passed. :)

Sunday was a support group meeting. They had a personal trainer from one of the hoity-toity gyms in Houston come and talk to us. It was good, despite his presentation being appropriately geared toward getting people who were once sedentary to move. He did explain some biological body mechanics, which I found interesting. After he spoke, a post-op named Gina, did a presentation on her progress and shared her experience through a slide show of pictures, it was very well done. Yay for you, Gina! Actually, they asked Melissa to be the speaker for next month!

Anyway, I'm just going to spend the next 2 days getting things in order. I'm trying to keep Cassie's routine as normal as possible. I'm hoping to come home by Friday morning, if not sooner!

I have a ton of work to do, so I had better run.


  1. Who hoo, two more days. I am sure they will fly by. Best wishes on the procedure on Wednesday. Isn't that funny how things worked out on your night out, almost like destiny.

  2. Just popped in to wish you luck!

    I hope the surgery goes smoothly and you'll be a loser in no time at all.

    I'll be thinking of you on Wednesday



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