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YOU: The Owner's Manual

I started reading this book by Drs. Mehmet Oz and Phillip Roizen. It is awesome! It's an easy-to-understand guide to the physiology of our bodies. It's factual, yet infused with humor, which makes the concepts easy to remember. I highly recommend it! Everyone should know how their body works! Not that I'm trying to make this one huge advertisement, but Dr. Oz has a show on XM Radio's channel 156 . I have leaned so much from listening each morning. I think I learn something new about health and how the body works each day.

6 Week Post-op Visit -40 lbs.

Today was my 6 week post-op visit. The great news is not just the fact that I've lost weight, but I no longer have any symptoms of Diabetes. Of course we'll follow-up again in 3 months to make sure everything stays as good as it seems right now, but it's a start. My total Cholesterol was 152 (previously it was 230-something), my fasting blood sugar was 90, and my triglycerides were well within normal range! I'll get my before measurements on Saturday when my trainer measures me again, but for right now I've gone from wearing a comfy size 26 to slipping on a pair of size 20 slacks today! I can't believe it!! Not only that, but a pair of jeans I ordered right after I gave birth to my daughter which didn't fit then, finally fit today. I'm glad I never sent them back. I didn't lose even 1 oz. this week. I know my metabolism has dropped to a crawl, wondering why the heck I'm starving my body. I know it's trying to save everything it can, but I'
Work is a total drag this week. To top it off, it's physical inventory time; the hap-hap-happiest time of the year. NOT. I have an entry for the "Believe it or Not" category today. I made Ventians, they are cookies my Gram used to make at Christmas every year. They are little Italian pieces of heaven; delectable layers of green, pink and white with apricot between them, topped with a thin layer of bittersweet chocolate. I nearly decided against making them, but I had to. The season is not complete with out remembering Gram while making her holiday cookie recipes, so I surrendered. Once done, I quickly gave them out to neighbors, but had to save some for a guy here at work who loves them. He's Italian... he's Grandmother used to make them too! In any case, I brought them in yesterday and he wasn't here, so I put them in the fridge here in the office. SOMEONE ACTUALLY ATE THEM! Now they did leave a few behind, so I guess for that I should be grateful. My good
Well, it's been 5 weeks (and a few days) since I had my surgery on 11/15. As of this past Wednesday morning I was down 40 lbs.; I can hardly believe it! I've gone from a size 26 to a 22. And in spite of looking like a stuffed sausage, I can even get my 20's on and buttoned -- and those were my "skinny pants!" LOL I wouldn't dare wear them in public yet, but it was a major "wow" moment, when I could pull them up over my hips again! And before you e-mail me, yes, I know I need some comparison pics. I'll get around to it! Hahaha :) It really goes without saying (but you know me, I'll say it anyway), I know I have been extremely blessed in that I have not had any problems and very little to no discomfort. I go back to the surgeon for my 6 week follow-up on Thursday. The best part of all is returning to my formerly active lifestyle. I don't feel like I am avoiding living life nearly as much because I feel so much better. I have so much mor
So today I am down 38 lbs. It seems the scale started moving in bigger increments the last 2 days. Whatever, how ever... I'm just glad it's moving. I picked my Mom up from the airport on Sunday. Granted I haven't lost a ton, but she just can't get over my face. She said, "...even your complexion is healthier." I find her staring at me every once in a while. I guess that's expected. She looks at what I eat and can't believe I'm full. I even chuckled when she ate twice as much as me, and I always thought she ate like a bird! The quiet season is beginning at work and I like it that way. The flip-side is physical inventory. Ugh. That part is a PIA -- this company is pretty jacked up when it comes to process and procedures with regard to asset management. /end bite-sized rant. In the "Other things that piss me off" category, is a particular Ebay seller who refuses to acknowledge my e-mails. She is the keeper of my Daughter's
My heart goes out to signgrl's friends. Not that that there is any good time of year to fall into dire straights, but this time of year, least of all. I will pray that somehow this negative experience results in some kind of opportunity for them. *sigh* doesn't feel like I have anything of importance to write compared to that. :( On a happy note, I'm down 34 lbs. It's a little slower, but again, it's all good! Next week will be my 6th week, and I can start soft foods... yeah! My Mom is coming to visit on Sunday; she'll be staying through Christmas Day. Cassie has quite the social calendar this weekend, with birthday parties on Saturday and Sunday. As for me, I have dates with the gym, a ton of Christmas errands to run and prep for the arrival of "The Mom." (Does every daughter go through this? LOL) Nothing else is happening, and I guess that's good. I think I've decided that April will be my first cycling event . I think I wil
I have been remiss in updating, most because there's not much going on. Work is work and home is busy, getting ready for the holidays and such. If I'm not at work, I'm at the gym. If I'm not at the gym, I'm home :) As for the weight loss, The scale hasn't moved since Thursday -- I truly am okay with that though since I lost so much up front. I know my body is just catching up with itself. 30 lbs in 3 weeks and a day, is enough to make anyone's body go into shock! Energy-wise I'm feeling really good. Food-wise, I'm so sick and tired of soup! LOL

Our 2006 Family Xmas Card...

3 Weeks post-op today and I'm down 29 lbs. :) I've been attending off-site training all week, so there's really not much going on. I'm eating as I should, and haven't had any issues to speak of or write about. I'm a boring post-op. Of course my clothes fit better, and that's always nice! 12 days until I'm cleared for full activity. I saw my trainer on Saturday and he stopped to chat. He said he was really proud of me because he's known other clients who have the surgery and they never see them again. He said I'm motivating him to get his "rear back in gear." :)
Well, peoople at work are starting to notice -- and I'm starting to notice my loss too. Its amazing just how much better I feel, losing what I have. I haven't used my CPAP since I've been home. My Husband says that I'm sleeping so quietly that he can't even hear me sometimes! As for the eating, 26 days left of full liquids. It's really not as hard, as it is boring. I know my surgeon does this for 6 weeks to make the emotional disconnect from food -- and that's one of the things I know I needed, and one of the many reasons I chose this surgery. In spite of a particularly stressful week back to work, I found I wasn't even thinking about eating in response to feel better. It just didn't even come to mind. I haven't had an official *mourning* for the loss of food yet, but I'm not really focusing on what I might missing out on, so much as I am focusing on the end result. I really to try to visualize me at a healthy weight, and it'