6 Week Post-op Visit -40 lbs.

Today was my 6 week post-op visit. The great news is not just the fact that I've lost weight, but I no longer have any symptoms of Diabetes. Of course we'll follow-up again in 3 months to make sure everything stays as good as it seems right now, but it's a start. My total Cholesterol was 152 (previously it was 230-something), my fasting blood sugar was 90, and my triglycerides were well within normal range!

I'll get my before measurements on Saturday when my trainer measures me again, but for right now I've gone from wearing a comfy size 26 to slipping on a pair of size 20 slacks today! I can't believe it!! Not only that, but a pair of jeans I ordered right after I gave birth to my daughter which didn't fit then, finally fit today. I'm glad I never sent them back.

I didn't lose even 1 oz. this week. I know my metabolism has dropped to a crawl, wondering why the heck I'm starving my body. I know it's trying to save everything it can, but I'm really trying to show it who's boss! I've been to the gym everyday this week in an effort to keep it up, at least a little! I know it will pass and the losses will begin again.

To be frank, despite knowing full-well what is happening, it's still a mind-f*ck when you don't lose. I immediately wonder if I'll be one of the few the surgery won't work for! Like I said, I know better... it's just a momentary lapse of reason.

When I look at the pictures the only difference I see is in my face and neck. I know I've lost in the stomach and hips, otherwise the smaller clothes wouldn't fit! LOL

3 hours pre-op
Thursday, December 28th
6 weeks post-op (and after a workout!)


  1. OMG! You can really tell the difference all over! I can't believe how much smaller across your back you are. I'm so excited for you.

    The stall really suck. I seem to go through them every 3 weeks.

    Happy New Year, Donna!

  2. You look great congrats on your weightloss

  3. I was checking my blood sugar a few times a day before my surgery. One month after my surgery, I was NORMAL. It was amazing! I'm so glad it's happening for you!


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