My heart goes out to signgrl's friends. Not that that there is any good time of year to fall into dire straights, but this time of year, least of all. I will pray that somehow this negative experience results in some kind of opportunity for them.

*sigh* doesn't feel like I have anything of importance to write compared to that. :(

On a happy note, I'm down 34 lbs. It's a little slower, but again, it's all good! Next week will be my 6th week, and I can start soft foods... yeah!

My Mom is coming to visit on Sunday; she'll be staying through Christmas Day. Cassie has quite the social calendar this weekend, with birthday parties on Saturday and Sunday. As for me, I have dates with the gym, a ton of Christmas errands to run and prep for the arrival of "The Mom." (Does every daughter go through this? LOL)

Nothing else is happening, and I guess that's good. I think I've decided that April will be my first cycling event. I think I will have enough weight off in the near future to train for the 40 mile ride... maybe even do the 60 mile ride, if my weigh permits. Baby steps I know, but I just want to ride my damned bike again! :)


  1. You are the sweetest person, Donna. I appreciate your offer of help for our friends. It seems that some of their family is going to help them give their 12 year old daughter a few gifts.

    Their house situation is too far gone for anyone to help. They are going to have to stay with family.

    Your prayers are much appreciated!

    I'm so impressed with your weightloss! I'm sure you can't wait to get "real" food. Hopefully it will be in time for Christmas :)


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