So today I am down 38 lbs. It seems the scale started moving in bigger increments the last 2 days. Whatever, how ever... I'm just glad it's moving.

I picked my Mom up from the airport on Sunday. Granted I haven't lost a ton, but she just can't get over my face. She said, "...even your complexion is healthier." I find her staring at me every once in a while. I guess that's expected. She looks at what I eat and can't believe I'm full. I even chuckled when she ate twice as much as me, and I always thought she ate like a bird!

The quiet season is beginning at work and I like it that way. The flip-side is physical inventory. Ugh. That part is a PIA -- this company is pretty jacked up when it comes to process and procedures with regard to asset management. /end bite-sized rant.

In the "Other things that piss me off" category, is a particular Ebay seller who refuses to acknowledge my e-mails. She is the keeper of my Daughter's Little Tikes kitchen, which Santa is supposed to bring ON TIME! I hope she doesn't underestimate the power of a mother to a toddler.

And with that, "Happy Holidays!"


  1. 38 pounds rocks!! I'm so happy for you. This will be a different Christmas for us.


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