Work is a total drag this week. To top it off, it's physical inventory time; the hap-hap-happiest time of the year. NOT.

I have an entry for the "Believe it or Not" category today. I made Ventians, they are cookies my Gram used to make at Christmas every year. They are little Italian pieces of heaven; delectable layers of green, pink and white with apricot between them, topped with a thin layer of bittersweet chocolate. I nearly decided against making them, but I had to. The season is not complete with out remembering Gram while making her holiday cookie recipes, so I surrendered.

Once done, I quickly gave them out to neighbors, but had to save some for a guy here at work who loves them. He's Italian... he's Grandmother used to make them too! In any case, I brought them in yesterday and he wasn't here, so I put them in the fridge here in the office.

SOMEONE ACTUALLY ATE THEM! Now they did leave a few behind, so I guess for that I should be grateful. My goodness though, some people!

Ahh well, warm holiday memories... shattered. LOL

The scale did not move at all this week. Not one ounce. I know it's bound to happen, and I'm okay with it. But I swear, each time it does, in the back of my mind I still feel like I'll be part of that miniscule percent for whom the surgery doesn't work.

I know better. I just keep reminding myself of that.

I found a great yogurt. Fage Total 0% It is Fat Free Greek Yogurt. For a 5 oz. serving it's packed with 15 g. of protein and only 80 calories! It doesn't have that nasty yogurty bite either. I mix it with a touch of vanilla, defrosted frozen berries (I love cherries) and some Splenda. Oh, and the yogurt certainly does not taste fat free. If you ask me, it tastes fully leaded!

/end advertisement for FAGE USA.

I need to get motivated to get on my bike again. I think I am going to choose a few cycling events to get my groove back. I really haven't ridden since before I had my daughter, more than 2 years ago. While the though of me in cycling shorts isn't the most appealing, I know it will be good exercise. Some possibilities include:

February 3rd
Bike through the Forest- Benefitting the Kingwood Phillies

March 18th
The Great Escape -- Benefitting the Texas Bicycle Coalition

April 1st
The Space Race - Benefitting Ronald McDonald Hosue


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