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Need to Vent...

Darren and I are trying to plan a new schedule. We find when we don't schedule everything, nothing gets done. It's the most ridiculous thing, because I can't believe that a 2 year old can require so much time that it impacts household productivity. It does though, and that's the only solution we've come up with so far to get things done on the weekends. So we've decided that we would try to do the food shopping on Friday nights, after getting out of work and before picking up Cassie. This turned out to be pretty good, except it took us even longer to shop going without her. LOL In any case, we finished the shopping and went to the checkout. As history dictates, I have the knack for finding the one line in the store that has a challenge. Last night was no exception. I'm really not sure what was happening, but a mother and daughter were waiting on the cashier and bagger to find something.. some key, or something. After 10 minutes, I looked at my watch, and tol
I've been rotten about posting, and even worse about noting. I love my fellow bloggers, but when my BlogRoll isn't working, I get behind on everyone's entries! Sorry! Things have been moving along fine. I've gone another week without losing a thing, which kind of wigs me out, but I know it's going to happen. Still, it's such a mind f*ck. I'm wearing my 18's to work today, so I know I'm losing inches. My tops are all huge on me and I've had to do a little shopping. I pulled my hip flexor in my Tuesday training session -- so much so it had me limping. I've never pulled anything so bad that I heard a "Pop!" It freakin' hurt, and I'm no whimp. It's Rodeo time here in Houston and I want to lasso me up some tickets, but just about every artist I want to see in concert is sold out. Baby Vince arrived in the world safely last Thursday. Baby and Mommy are doing fine. Big brother is especially proud and tells every

2 Month "Surgiversary"

Well, yesterday marked 2 months post op. I had hoped to hit -50 lbs. yesterday, but was shy just a few tenths. Of course today it came -- Whooohoo! I am now below my pre-pregnancy weight, and just 14 lbs. from my lowest adult weight. The triathlon thing is for real now. I told my trainer and he's jazzed. He's researching what muscle groups he needs to train for me to do the swim well. He's a good egg. :) The weather has been unseasonably cold here, so that accounts for all the extra calorie burning I think. The weather has been so strange for Texas. Thankfully, I'm south of the City of Houston, closer to Galveston, and there hasn't been a ton of percipitation, so we've been free of the snow and ice other parts of the state are receiving. I wish I had some pretty icey-tree pics like Mrs. Sign. Makes me miss NJ, my real home -- I just "live" here. My Friend Jenn (no, not you Mrs. Sign!) is bringing a darling baby boy into the world today.

No more waiting or wondering...
With a high of 39, and steadily declining, I feel like I am back on the East coast ! Not that I really mind the cold. During the Winter I get the most homesick. I really do miss the snowy days of winter back in New Jersey. You can move the jersey girl out of Jersey, but you can't take the Jersey out of the girl. I went to the gym first thing in the morning on Saturday, and I do mean first-thing (4:30 am!). To reward my efforts, later I got my hair cut and highlighted, so that felt really good. Sunday we had a support group meeting and the "Food Cop" was our speaker. She was very animated and was a lot of fun to listen to. I actually learned something I will share here. If you haven't heard, when looking at the fat content of foods, you want to shoot for foods that have 20% or less, calories from Fat; this is just a dietary guideline. So, say you're looking at a Healthy Choice meal: 380 Calories and 13 grams of fat. It's Healthy Choice, right? should be d
What would happen if we did just leave things unfinsihed in Iraq; scoop up our jacks, take our ball and go home? And Just because I can't resist these things... My Bloginality is ISTJ !!!
Today marks week 8 and, finally, the week that ended my plateau! Yeah!! The scale started moving again! I heard a story on NPR yesterday that really has been stuck in my mind. Baghdad NPR staff member Saleem Amer told listeners about how he and his wife were preparing to have a baby in war-torn Baghdad. I believe Saleem's family was Shiite. There were two hospitals, but the best, closest and most practical to them was a Sunni hospital. (I could have this reversed -- I have an awful memory). In any case, they chose the Sunni hospital. Now, when he said hospital, it's not what you think. They have to bring their own water, blankets, pain medications, space heaters, etc. Even someone from the family has to be with the patient at all times to administer their care. Saleem's wife was scheduled for a C-section. So, I guess the doctors cut, deliver and close -- the family does the rest. What made this day the best and worst in Saleem's life was information the nurse shared

Ring in the New Year

Here it is, 2007. I feel I should have some sort of insightful entry to start the new year, but the truth is I don't. I've never been one to set resolutions, because the things I would choose are typically the very things I should be doing out of caring for myself already. Kinda like the people who give up Chocolate during the Lenten season. LOL But, nonetheless we're here, and the only thing I can hope for this year is focus. Continiued focus. Focus on me attaining a healthy weight, focus on a possible career change and focus on my relationships with myself and my friends and family. And yet again, these are things that I should be doing, so I guess the new year will serve as my reminder and motivation to stay on top of various initiatives. We had a nice New Year, spending with with friends of ours who have a 3 year old. My Daughter actually made it up until 11pm CST, and had a blast when we all started hollering "Happy New Year!" She didn't know what the hec