2 Month "Surgiversary"

Well, yesterday marked 2 months post op. I had hoped to hit -50 lbs. yesterday, but was shy just a few tenths. Of course today it came -- Whooohoo! I am now below my pre-pregnancy weight, and just 14 lbs. from my lowest adult weight.

The triathlon thing is for real now. I told my trainer and he's jazzed. He's researching what muscle groups he needs to train for me to do the swim well. He's a good egg. :)

The weather has been unseasonably cold here, so that accounts for all the extra calorie burning I think. The weather has been so strange for Texas. Thankfully, I'm south of the City of Houston, closer to Galveston, and there hasn't been a ton of percipitation, so we've been free of the snow and ice other parts of the state are receiving. I wish I had some pretty icey-tree pics like Mrs. Sign. Makes me miss NJ, my real home -- I just "live" here.

My Friend Jenn (no, not you Mrs. Sign!) is bringing a darling baby boy into the world today. I'm off for the day so I can sit for her first darling baby boy while she has baby Vince.

I need to take Cassie to school, get to the gym, then to Michael's. I have to get some arts and crafts stuff they can do. Thomas is 3 and my Daughter is, of course, 2.

That's it for now 6:03 -- gotta get going!

Happy Surgiversary to me. So far I'm glad I did it and only wish I did it sooner. It ain't easy sometimes, but it's worth it to feel as good as I do!


  1. 50 pounds?!!!!!!!???? That is incredible!! Your commitment to the tiathalon is inspiring. I'm so happy for you.


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