Need to Vent...

Darren and I are trying to plan a new schedule. We find when we don't schedule everything, nothing gets done. It's the most ridiculous thing, because I can't believe that a 2 year old can require so much time that it impacts household productivity. It does though, and that's the only solution we've come up with so far to get things done on the weekends.

So we've decided that we would try to do the food shopping on Friday nights, after getting out of work and before picking up Cassie. This turned out to be pretty good, except it took us even longer to shop going without her. LOL

In any case, we finished the shopping and went to the checkout. As history dictates, I have the knack for finding the one line in the store that has a challenge. Last night was no exception. I'm really not sure what was happening, but a mother and daughter were waiting on the cashier and bagger to find something.. some key, or something. After 10 minutes, I looked at my watch, and told Darren to go get Cassie from school; I'd wait and meet him at home.

Before he left, I said "Just my luck, I always pick the wrong line". I didn't mean any offense by it. I said it quietly to my husband. I literally waited 15 minutes before they even started ringing up my order. When the mother and daughter left, the mother looked at me, turned her back and said, "...that fat bitch...."

Yeah, she said it about me. Even the Cashier was stunned.

Yeah, I'm still fat, but I'm not a bitch, unless I need to be. Clearly, Friday night at the food store shouldn't present the need to be such.

It bothers me I let her get to me. I wasn't having a particularly blue day, but I got in my car and my eyes welled up. Why do people have to be so mean? She's a grown adult... behaving a teenager! Why did I have to be the one she chose to release her anger on? She doesn't know the first thing about me.

Typically this kind of thing doesn't bother me, but it did, and I guess it still does a since it's the next day and I feel the urge to write/vent about it.


  1. ((hug)) Donna - don't let that biyotch ruin your weekend.

  2. I understand how you must have felt - it's like "HEY! I'm doing something to NOT be fat - so f*ck you for trying to hurt me with that!" I was thinking about what happened to you and you know - I think now I would have the confidence to walk up to her and say "Um, do you have a problem?" I guess weight loss makes you confrontational!! LOL

  3. You can and are losing weight...she will *always* be ugly.

    You - 1
    Her - Zero

    I'd say you are winning the game!

  4. You have to feel good that at least you are losing weight. I can remember how trapped and hopeless I felt when people would utter rudeness about me before surgery.

    I have no idea why people are mean and specifially mean to overweight people. It's not like someone would have made a comment about a "skinny bitch".

    You are beautiful, Donna, both inside and out. Never forget that!

  5. Some people are always going to be ignorant and nasty cause it makes them feel better..Don't let her ignorace bring you down or hurt you

  6. The come back... at least I can lose weight, what are you doing about your sheer ignorance?

    Some people aren't worth the time of day Donna, she this woman was one of them.

    You should be very proud of you, as hard as it is, don't let her stupidity take the shine off your success.

    I'm sorry that this happened to you.


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