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Some Happenings...

First, at a training session, my trainer started me on a new machine. As I approached the machine, I swear in my head I was saying, "there is no way I'm fitting in that thing without lifting the bars." The trainer saw my hesitation and asked me what was wrong -- I told him. He just laughed, and said we're going to have to work on my body image as just as hard as we strength train! Of course he was right... I sat within the confines of the machine without a problem! I forgot to mention that while in the airport waiting for my flight, my laptop was REALLY a laptop. I actually had a lap to fit it on! Then this morning... it was warm and I wanted to lounge around in shorts. I pulled out the smallest shorts I have ever owned. They freakin fit! They fit better than they ever had before. I was elated. It just occured to me that I am exactly 100 lbs. from my goal weight... sounds like a lot still, but knowing in a week or so I'll have less than 100 lbs to lose seems ama

Smarty-Pantz, PCT

Well, I'm back from Utah, having achieved some credentials with regard to cryptograpy (PGP). So, I'm officially a smarty-pantz. We never made it skiing. By the time we finished our exam, it was too late to make it to the lessons. We did, however, drive up the mountain and went to the Brighton . Let's just say I want to go back, in spite of the daunting 15 mile drive up the mountain. Utah's mountains are 360 degrees of beauty, wherever you're standing. They're just so commonplace that it is difficult to get a picture of them without houses, cars and electrical lines interrupting the photo. I tried though: This was the view from the training Facility. Views from the hotel and out-and-about... While I was gone, I made use of the local 24 Hour Fitness, but missed one of my usual days due to study requirements. Oh well... I'll just get an extra day in this weekend. Of course traveling provided that common "WOW" moment where I actually had several inc

Busy, Busy, Busy!

I'm alive, just been real busy and haven't had much time to write anything meaningful, or even meaningless in my blog. LOL On the post-op front things have been going well, albeit slow. That's okay though. My measurements are showing progress and that's what's important. Work has been crazy-nuts, but I am making my way through. Next week I'm off to Salt Lake City for training. I'm excited because I'm going to try skiing for the first time while I am there! Here are some more progress pics. I'm 11 1/2 weeks out today and down 55 lbs. I am, however, going to start to weigh monthly. I think it will be healthier for me mentally. For my updated measurements, click here .

Good News When You Need It!

This week makes me 11 weeks post-op. Today I saw the trainer and we did measurements. He was real interested in these, because it would give him a good indicator of just how much lean muscle mass I am losing, if any. Being post-op, losing muscle mass is a pretty usual occurrence ... one that I've been trying to avoid. The good news is, I've been successful. Some of this is still hard for me to see in print, but here goes: % body Fat - from 54.1 to 45.1 Fat Mass Loss - 51.8035 Lean Body Mass Loss - 1.6965 <---- AWESOME! Total Inches lost in Jan to Feb: 5.42 Total Inches lost overall: 21.17 Total Pounds lost: 52 The real indicator is the forearm, calve and neck measurements. There was little change with those, but a huge change in my waist. When those measurements stay close to the same, you can be you're losing fat! So there was even more good news... Because I'm doing so well, he wants to use me as an entry into this competition between the trainers. There