Good News When You Need It!

This week makes me 11 weeks post-op. Today I saw the trainer and we did measurements. He was real interested in these, because it would give him a good indicator of just how much lean muscle mass I am losing, if any. Being post-op, losing muscle mass is a pretty usual occurrence... one that I've been trying to avoid.

The good news is, I've been successful. Some of this is still hard for me to see in print, but here goes:

% body Fat - from 54.1 to 45.1
Fat Mass Loss - 51.8035
Lean Body Mass Loss - 1.6965 <---- AWESOME!
Total Inches lost in Jan to Feb: 5.42
Total Inches lost overall: 21.17
Total Pounds lost: 52

The real indicator is the forearm, calve and neck measurements. There was little change with those, but a huge change in my waist. When those measurements stay close to the same, you can be you're losing fat!

So there was even more good news... Because I'm doing so well, he wants to use me as an entry into this competition between the trainers. There are different categories, but he wants to use me for the most fat lost. I was like, "Sure. Why the heck not?" He doesn't get anything except bragging rights, and I guess it's just a tad more motivation for me to work harder.

So, like I said, good news... when you need it.


  1. Your lean body mass loss was excellent! You must be feeling so good right now. You are doing so awesome!!!

  2. I miss seeing you around.

  3. Anonymous11:06 AM

    Congratulations on retaining your muscle! Muscle = good. Fat = bad. ;-)


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