Smarty-Pantz, PCT

Well, I'm back from Utah, having achieved some credentials with regard to cryptograpy (PGP). So, I'm officially a smarty-pantz.

We never made it skiing. By the time we finished our exam, it was too late to make it to the lessons. We did, however, drive up the mountain and went to the Brighton. Let's just say I want to go back, in spite of the daunting 15 mile drive up the mountain.
Utah's mountains are 360 degrees of beauty, wherever you're standing. They're just so commonplace that it is difficult to get a picture of them without houses, cars and electrical lines interrupting the photo.

I tried though:

This was the view from the training Facility.

Views from the hotel and out-and-about...

While I was gone, I made use of the local 24 Hour Fitness, but missed one of my usual days due to study requirements. Oh well... I'll just get an extra day in this weekend.

Of course traveling provided that common "WOW" moment where I actually had several inches of slack in the seatbelt on the plane, and fit more than comfortably in the seat. It was nice to feel like I wasn't invading anyone else's space. The last time I was on the plane I had the seatbelt fully extended and had to put the seat in a reclined position to fasten the belt.

As for the anonymous commentor, thanks everyone for your support. Even you anonymous noter, as you are indeed entitled to your opinion. And since you took the time to leave me a comment, I thank you just the same. ;) Maybe one day though you'll have the courage to comment as yourself, and not hide.


  1. The people who will trash you on your blog or send you nasty emails will NEVER admit who they are. It's all part of the cowardly behavior, motivated by an underlying jealousy.


  2. Re: seatbelt

    I just flew to Vegas (and back) and I was sitting in my seat grinning like crazy most of the trip wearing a seat belt and watching the movie AND listening to it too. It's bad when you cover up the little holes for the earphones like I did! Before I'd actually bought my own extender and I'd smuggle it onboard and surreptitiously fasten it. After losing my 70 lbs., I left it home in a drawer!

    Sitting next to me was a couple and I couldn't help but notice that they kept their coats in their laps and pulled them up onto their chests before take off...they did not have their belts fastened because they couldn't. I understood their position, but I prayed they didn't come flying into me in the event of any major air turbulance! (All they had to do was ask the flight attendant for extenders!)

    Re: Anon's comments

    I wouldn't take them as negative. I'd rather think they were trying to say that you were beautiful BEFORE and you're STILL beautiful now. He'd/She'd be right too!

    Your accomplishments have been inspiring! AND good for you for doing it while still young enough to really enjoy your new healthy body!

  3. The pictures are breathtaking! Thanks for taking the time to post them.

    Anon must be blind if he/she can't see the difference. I think it's incredible! You look amazing!


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