"As With Most Men"

Watch this... and listen.


  1. Amen...

    I love the Scott Peck quote.

    I loved the Road Less Traveled, but the book, People of the Lie was simply amazing.

    I'm proud of your weight loss, but beautiful souls always shine...

    I've never seen you as anything other kind, gentle and caring. In other words, truly beautiful.

  2. I stole your recent comments widget. Thanks!

  3. I came over from signgurls place...and I see she beat me to the comments section...lol

    Good for you for taking control of your life...and that video was unbelievably amazing!

  4. The hurt we've experienced can change if we only look. Is the opposite of love...hate? Or is it indifferance?

    I remember that old Karen Carpenter song called "Solitare"

    "There was a man, a lonely man, who lost his love through his indifferance..."

    How ironic that her brother said that this was one of her finest performances, yet she never liked the song much...or did she? It breaks ones heart to see her starve herself to death because someone once called her a little bit chubby.

    John 4


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