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I'm back. Actually, I've been back for a week now but as usual I haven't had much time to update.

Toronto was nice. I really liked the city, but it was freakin' cold! I left on the coldest day of Winter they had for the year. It was -21 C when I left, and despit it being celcius, it was still cold!

They asked me to stay for a couple extra days. I had not packed to accommodate that sort of change in plans, so I had to pick-up some personal items and a pair of slacks appropriate for the office. I couldn't believe my eyes when I tried on my first pair of 16's and they fit! In almost 4 months, from a 26 to a 16! Of course not every 16 off the rack fits yet, but my 18's are getting larger every day.

My trainer did my measurements for the month and will post some updated pictures this weekend. In a nutshell, I lost another 12" across my body: over 3" from my waist, over 2" from my chest, about 2 " from my hips and more than an inch from various other places. My hope is that by next month my waist will be under 40" I've been losing about 3" off my waist each month. My waist hasn't been under 40" since I was 14" years old. It's wild! Add to everything else, it appears I've added over 4 lbs. of lean muscle mass since November -- no small feat for a post-op RNY patient.

Also, I was actually small enough to use the calipers to measure my lean body mass. The figures show that right now I have about 145 lbs. of lean muscle mass. Of course I will check with my doctor, but my trainer feels that a goal weight of about 160 would be appropriate. All the women in my family carry a lot of lean muscle mass. In talking with my mom, she told me she even weighs in heavier than expected. I always though my mom was around 130 at 5'9" (She's a professional dancer), but surprisingly she was more.

The countdown to April 1st has begun for me. That's the day I have to start getting serious about my training for the triathlon, which is the weekend of June 9th in Austin. I'm nervous and excited. I don't want to cop-out, so my family will have to have to help me effectively manage my time to get my training schedule in. My Husband is my biggest supporter; I have no doubt he'll help me succeed!

Eating has been strange. Some days I can eat more than I think I should be able to and others I can't eat anything comfortably. I concentrate on 3 meals and 2-3 snacks a day. Despite getting my protein in, I have begun to lose my hair -- I know it's inevitable, it's just a matter of when (not if) it starts. Thankfully I have a good head of hair.

And for the "believe it or not" cagetory, some said "Hey, skinny!" to me. I about fell out, but I know they were really saying, "I can tell you lost weight."

In family news Cassie went for her first haircut on Saturday...
We started out EXCITED!

Then quickly became UNSURE...

Okay, Mommy, I've had ENOUGH!


  1. Cassie is so adorable! I wonder where she gets it from? Her mommy!

    Your training continues to amaze me. The lean muscle mass addition is incredible!

    You inspire me, Skinny!

  2. Your daughter is just as cute as a bug!

    Congratulations on those size 16 pants. Your dedication to fitness inspires me (and ok, makes me a little ashamed that I'm not doing more).. you are truly working your tool to it's fullest and you have so much to be proud of.

  3. Cute little girl! I can hardly wait to take my son to get his first haircut.

    I'm going to have such fun being a dad...


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