I know. Odd for me to be posting on a Saturday! I took off from work on Friday after having a string of rough nights with Cassie. In the last 2 weeks, she's been suffering from growing pains and teething, so my sleep has been broken night-in and night out, so it finally caught up with me. I treated myself off to a day of paid-time off on Friday -- which I literally spent doing laundry and food shopping. I did make time to have lunch with Hubby, so that was nice. :)

Last night was another rough night. at 2 am I caved and kicked Hubs out of bed and brought Cassie in. She did quiet down, but she didn't go back to sleep until sometime between and 4! Argh! I had a 7am training session this morning, which meant I had to be at the gym by 6:45 starting my cardio! I did it... barely.

My trainer started me on this balance trainer this morning, except I didn't get to sit on it... I got to turn it upside down and stand on it doing squats. It was one of the most awkward things I've ever done, not to mention my inner thighs shook so much that they felt like flags waving in the wind! He is really starting to challenge me more, and while I've always enjoyed it, I feel like accomplish so much more at each session now.

It's Parent's Night Out tonight and Cassie is taking part. We're actually going to get to an "adult" dinner and have "adult" conversation, and hopefully there will be no mention of "poop", "potty training" or "big-girl panties!" :)

I do love my munchkin, but I never though that talk of bodily functions would be so casual.

I leave you with this... Cassie wanted her picture taken this morning. She looks like she has a hangover though! As for Mommy, I just got back from the gym. :)


  1. it's just so sweet, the more you lose weight, the more the resemblance between you and your beautiful daughter becomes apparent.


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