Snow... Everywhere!

So I'm here in Toronto, and it's snowing unbelievably! I went walking in the city and did a little shopping. Within 2 hours it was accumulating on the city streets. The snowflakes are the size of hail balls; it's sticking everywhere.

The city reminds me of NY, except that everyone here is really nice -- no NY state-of-mind, if you know what I mean. I'm not implying all NY'rs are rude, but there are those few. ;)

I'm here because our Toronto office is moving this weekend, and I'm helping to get all the technology up and running for Monday morning. I was the only one who came in this evening, so I'm here alone this evening. I was looking forward to finding a movie theatre and maybe seeing Dreamgirls, but with the snow the way it is, I'm not going anywhere; it will be a quiet night in Toronto for me.

Of course the room is fully stocked with junk (for my convenience). I've already hidden the junk so it's out of sight; out of mind. I just know I'm going to be like the walking dead this weekend after working long days, and it will be too easy to pick up a piece of junk. I brought some healthy snacks from home, so I should be good. ;)

I've already found a Macy's-like store here and picked up a few things on clearance. Real good buys too! I am thinking I need to go back and get some boots for this snow! ;)

Actually, I do need some new sneakers. I got a good pair of New Balance last time and I was moderately happy with them. I need something that is a cross trainer for the stability. It seems a breakdown running shoes too fast. So I'm looking at these... not sure abou the "shox" though.

I guess that's it for now. My dinner has arrived :)


  1. The snow sounds beautiful! I just love it.

    Congratulations on the shorts fitting. Makes it all worth it.

    I have 113 pounds left to lose. That will still put my BMI at 29% but I'd be happy with it.

  2. You're in Toronto???? Wish I had known - I'm just outside of town and would have loved to have the opportunity to meet you.

    BTW - you are doing so well. I finally have my posting issues sorted out so I can now blog but also leave comments again. Yay.

    Enjoy TO.


  3. Miss ya darlin! ;)



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