"Live Your Best Life"

"It's my life.
It's now or never.
I ain't gonna live forever.
I just want to live while I'm alive."

Sometimes I think what the hell am I doing? I need to get a plan in place. I need to be doing what it is I am passionate about. I need to do what it is I think I will enjoy. I need to do something that makes a difference.

Why am I letting this opportunity to do something pass me by?

Because I'm not ready?

Because I didn't plan it?

Because I don't want my family to suffer because my focus is elsewhere.

Because I'm scared. All of the above, I'm sure.

Except there's this feeling nawing at me; I feel that as I lose weight my confidence rises. As my confidence rises, so does my optimism with regard to making a career change.

I want to do physical therapy. It's competitive, but there's no need to worry about that when I haven't even started. One step at a time. Right?

I see stories all the time about people who entered med school at 40! There is nothing stopping me... well, except me.

Ugh.. such a random (or not so random) thought -- just had to get it out.


  1. You've discovered one of the greatest gifts of WLS: The knowledge that the world is what you make of it.

    I have colleagues and friends who marvel at the level of peace and happiness I've achieved since having WLS two years ago. I tell them that I now realize that I have my entire life in front of me and my possibilities are endless. It's a freeing realization once you get over the initial fear.

    Hold on tight, you are officially on the ride of your life.

  2. Donna, I read your post and then Tonya's response and I just burst out crying. THIS IS IT. THIS IS WHAT YOU'VE EARNED. None of the old rules apply. You can have anything you want now. You just have to take it and it will be yours.

  3. What it means to live the best life. To live according to the potential. Instead of leaving them for a magical time in the future, they want to do "the things I hope to do someday."


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